Created for Insitu, a continual permanent sculptural exhibit in Flower Forest by Punch Creative Arena
Since the dawn of mankind, human beings have been trying to conquer nature. In our efforts to tame and colonize, we have stripped the planet of its natural resources, polluted the environment and threatened the lives of every other being living amongst us. Where nature once reigned supreme, humanity does.
But that was before the pandemic hit…
In the final moments of 2019, a virus emerged and spread across every country in the world. Governments instituted quarantines and lockdowns. Human beings, for the first time in a very long time, could not walk the face of the earth.
Empty of its colonizers, the wildlife returned. Animals ventured into spaces they had lost the right to traverse, sea waters and the air cleared without the constant onslaught of human pollution and without people to maintain the fight, plantlife started taking over manmade spaces.
The Supplantation depicts this struggle between man and nature. The columns stand in a manicured field representing the taming of nature. Starting short and shiny, they grow in height to symbolize mankind’s rise to power. Gradually as the sculpture continues, they rust and shrink in height to depict our declining state of affairs. Over time, vines, weeds and other plant life will begin to supplant the space taken by the columns, much like humankind has done to nature. However, like the wildlife hiding away in our manmade world, the structures will still exist under the eventual smothering of plants, waiting for their turn in power again, or hopefully, a solution for a balance that will finally end this war.
Materials: Cement, chrome pipe, galvanized pipe, rusty pipe, rebar, plants
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