The goal of my artistic practice is to foster a deeper understanding of the world in which I find myself. Through sharing these alternative perspectives, I hope to in turn inspire in my audience, an appreciation, acceptance and a sense of responsibility and ownership for the world which we call home. 
My work explores themes of contemporary identities, nationhood, cultural creation and erasure and documenting histories. The approach I take to these themes is often humourous yet deceptively insightful. Humour is a universally understood expression. It is one that once incited, is hard to control. It shocks and captivates making it the perfect tool to engage an audience and keep them entertained long enough to delve deeper.
The techniques I typically use in my work are multi-disciplinary. I prefer to consider what a concept needs rather than basing an idea around a particular medium or technique. Over time, I have found that video art allows me the freedom to experiment with various media and provides a platform for continual self-education.
Through sculpting, painting, photography, sound design, video, digital collage and whatever other skillset is deemed necessary, my methods typically manifest as a dynamic mixed animation style that reflects the colours, behaviours and vibrancy of my Caribbean home. Ultimately, using these themes, approaches and tools, I translate the woes and wonders of the world around me into quirky, captivating and probing analyses of the past’s influence on the present and the present’s possibilities for the future.
Kia Redman is a creative professional living and working in Barbados. She attained her BFA in Studio Art with first-class honours from the Barbados Community College in 2017 and has spent the time since developing her creative practice.
Kia currently works part time as a designer and videographer for Acute Vision Inc. and Bajans in Motion. She has participated in local residencies with Punch Creative Arena and Fresh Milk Barbados and taken part in local group shows and screenings internationally. In 2018 her short film Roots|Routes won six awards including Best Short Film at the Barbados Visual Media Festival.
Being born into a post-independent nation in formation, Kia’s work focuses on issues of identity, defining culture and documenting histories. She aims to rewrite the blanket definition taught to be her Caribbean identity and discover the things unique to her lived experience.
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