Kia Redman is a Barbados-based creative professional. As with many creatives, Kia’s career has travelled along many interconnected paths. 
As an artist, she has participated in shows and residencies across the Caribbean and Europe. Most notably the Caribbean Cross Residency in Haiti and Contested Desires which spanned across four European countries and Barbados. As a filmmaker, she has been selected for festivals across the region, Canada and China and has won many awards for her debut short film Roots|Routes. As a camera operator and technical director, she works with Oversight Corp. to live stream entertainment events, press conferences and official government proceedings. 
Finally, as an animator and video editor, Kia has  produced works that have been used in music videos, marketing campaigns, government affairs, election campaigns and in the world Expo 2020 Dubai, where she additionally worked as a member of the team representing Barbados in Dubai for four months.
Through her passion for the moving image, Kia incorporates the colours, behaviours and vibrancy of her home into the dynamic multimedia style that informs her work both digital and physical. Laced with a deceptively probing levity, Kia’s work unveils alternative perspectives on history, culture and belonging through unexpected and at times conflicting narratives centred around paradise, the environment and contemporary Caribbean identities.
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